Just Keep Hitting

Every iron has a melting point when you hit long and hard enough. Go ask a blacksmith.

Success in most ventures in life come after repeated efforts in failure, trial and errors. Go ask Thomas Edition & Co.

Most students who are branded dummies end up as champions. Face your book. See Isaac Newton, Ben Carson & Co.

Lots of exercise, practice and drills is a necessary requirement to come out top. Ask a star athlet.

Don’t give up on your dreams, goals and aspiration; they too need time to grow. They too like flowers need nurturing.

Don’t give up on yourself – you’re the only thing you’ve got.

Keep been hopeful – that way you’ll be able to wake up positively in the morning to face a new day.

Observe that in times when it seemed like the world was crumbling upon you, there was a way out eventually out of the blue.

You thought you won’t be able to graduate from college like your mates!

You asked if you will ever be well again!

You imagined if you will ever be happy again!

You doubted if you will ever learn to do this or that!

But here you are! Better of!

You didn’t know how you got here. But you are here!

To God be the glory.

keep been hopeful.

Keep moving.

keep on keeping on.

Just keep hitting

{Okafor Chijioke Copyright 2016}

My name is Okafor Chijioke. I grew up a hopeless ghetto boy. I was a high school drop-out. But things took a dramatic U-turn the moment I embraced personal development. My areas of interest include: personal development, internet marketing, computer technologies, writing, and I love writing about these subjects.

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