How I Work

When you use my writing services, you’ll receive well-researched, clear,  persuasive and search engine optimized content for your website.

That’s exactly what you get. But below are stuffs I will need from you and what you should expect from me to make this happen.

1. Choose any of my writing services outlined in my Hire Me page. Next, send me an email & tell me what you need. Include the following details:

• What website is it for? Provide me the URL of the website or a description of your proposed site.
• Provide me a list of your topics.
• Tell me how long you would want the pages to be
• Tell me if it is writing from scratch or rewriting/editing existing content
•  If it is new content: Will you provide enough information to write the content or is research needed?
• Who is your target market and where are they located?
• Provide me your target SEO keywords?
• What is your timeframe? Please also indicate.

2. When I get your email I will send you My Quote.

That includes the exact scope of the work and how much it will cost. I usually require a 50% deposit of the estimated total fee before starting any project (this is standard practice). I will also give you an indication of when I can start and how long I think the job will approximately take.

3. Accepting my Quote and T&Cs.

If you’re happy, you email me to say you would like to hire me for your project and confirm you accept the Quote and T&Cs. You can either scan and email the signed Terms & Conditions document or simply confirm in an email you accept them.

4. I email you an invoice for the deposit.

5. You pay the deposit. For the 50% down payment, I prefer a direct deposit into my company bank account. I do not accept cheques. I do accept payment via PayPal or credit card (also via PayPal).

6. I confirm receipt of your payment

7. I start writing your web content.
I will consider how best to present your business. I’ll write clear, professional and persuasive web copy in chunks that are easy to digest, and use important SEO keywords throughout the content and in suggested META page Title and Description tags. Throughout the process, I will remain in touch with you and I will ask you questions if anything is not entirely clear. I will not write content based on assumptions but will clarify things with you to ensure I get it right the first time.

8. I will email you the draft content.
Unless we have made other arrangements, I send clients the content in a Word document.

9. You review the content, email me your feedback and I make revisions if needed.

Three rounds of revision are included in my services. I ask my clients to use the “track changes” feature and enter their feedback and suggested changes in the same Word document. That makes the reviewing and editing process quick and painless. I will revise the content based on your feedback and email it back to you for a final review. You need to provide your feedback within 7 days, or with large projects within 14 days, for me to make the changes, so that the subject matter is still reasonably fresh in my mind.

10. On a final note, I close the project and send you the final invoice.
I will close the project  after I’ve sent you the content after 7 days if no further changes are needed. Payment of the outstanding amount is due 7 days after the date of this final invoice.

P.S. I love it when clients have  incorporated the final content and SEO tags on their website and then alert me so I can see the final result.