Just Keep Hitting

Every iron has a melting point when you hit long and hard enough. Go ask a blacksmith.

Success in most ventures in life come after repeated efforts in failure, trial and errors. Go ask Thomas Edition & Co.

Most students who are branded dummies end up as champions. Face your book. See Isaac Newton, Ben Carson & Co.

Lots of exercise, practice and drills is a necessary requirement to come out top. Ask a star athlet.

Don’t give up on your dreams, goals and aspiration;

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Two kinds of Failure

Hi friends, I’ve been reading the masterpiece titled “Mastery” by Robert Greene. If you are yet to read that book, I encourage you to go for it; you’ll sure be better for it.

The overall idea Mr. Greene tries to sell in the book is the notion that success in life is hugely based on ones ability to be a master in ones field; and he takes his reader step-by-step through the process of mastering any skill, and in his usual style sharing inspiring

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