I am Chijioke, a versatile freelance SEO Writer, Author and WordPress Developer from one of the biggest countries in Africa.

I have been fascinated by technology – especially the Internet and the World Wide Web. From the first day in 2002 when I typed in some words into Google Search Engine and got back some results, I have been glued to it.

At first, my priority was to ‘conquer’ the use of search engines by having deeper understanding of how I can use it for effective search. And as an undergraduate student, I was a go-to resource person for others students’ internet research needs.

As time went by, I became interested in the way the websites that search engines spit out are coded. In the the Process, I learnt about HTML, CSS, Javascript, some PHP, WordPress, and most important lySearch Engine Optimization; SEO in short.

As I build websites for clients, their single most compelling need and continual concern is ‘how can my website get found on search engine listings’? I have kept more clients and got numerous referrals for solving that need – building SEO optimized websites.

I made the move to become a freelance SEO writer because I get more client request to write SEO-optimized contents so that their websites and businesses can be visible to prospects who now use search engine for virtually all their informational, navigational and transactional needs.

What you get when your hire me is well-researched, high quality SEO articles written to engage and convert browsers into subscribers, and subscribers/prospects into buying customers.

Let me be your content partner.